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Hannah Lim: Pierced Orchid Necklace

Hannah Lim: Pierced Orchid Necklace

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The pierced orchid necklace is hand-sculpted by the artist in polymer clay and sealed with varnish. The pendant is hung on red satin cord and all fixings are gold plated.

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polymer clay, varnish and satin, gold-plated fixings

5 x 7 cm


Hannah Lim is a London based artist, she graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Sculpture. Hannah Lim's work responds primarily to her cultural identity and experience. As a person of mixed Singaporean and British heritage both her research and practice has come to engage with the colonial connotations of the relationship between the East and the West. These connotations are most evident in themes such as Orientalism and its relationship to the Chinoiserie, in which elements of Chinese design were recreated in relation to European aesthetics and tastes.

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