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Josephine Rock: Candle Sconce

Josephine Rock: Candle Sconce

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We have small selection of handmade sconces by artist Josephine Rock. Each one unique, coming in a variety of glazes and designs, so please select the sconce(s) you like referencing the numbers in the images.


Product Information

stoneware, glaze
Approximately 11 x 7 x 21 cm

  1. Black, candle slot, no hole for wall hang (sold)

  2. Black, crimped edge, no candle slot, hole for wall hang (sold)

  3. White, candle slot, hole for wall hang (sold)

  4. White, crimped edge, no candle slot, hole for wall hang 

  5. White and beige checkerboard, candle slot, hole for wall hang (sold)


About the Artist

Josephine Rock is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice encompasses film, performance, text, sculptural assemblage and most recently clay. She is interested in haptic communication and ritualised intimacy with domestic objects from curtains to cameras, ceramics to screens. She will complete her MFA at the Slade in 2022.


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