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Camille Biddell: Terracotta watering roses

Camille Biddell: Terracotta watering roses

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Inspired by medieval watering roses which were multi-purpose - from washing, showering to watering!

To use: submerge the rose into water up to the knob, then cover the hole on the top of the knob. Lift the rose out of the water, and when you take your thumb off the top hole water will flow out like a handheld shower!

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10-15cm x 8-13cm


About the Artist 

Camille Biddell is an artist and potter exploring the intersection between craft, sculpture and social practice through the medium of clay. She explores historic, regional and traditional craft processes and values, and collective and personal memory. She fosters connections with place by using local and sustainable materials and experimental firing methods that are elemental and community-building. Camille is currently based in Stoke-on-Trent and is training at Clay College Stoke.

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