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Frances Whorrall-Campbell: The Library of Babel

Frances Whorrall-Campbell: The Library of Babel

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There is only a mention of a female character in Jorge Luis Borges ‘The Library of Babel’, which comes in the final footnote. She is Letizia Alvarez del Toledo and her alternative theory of an infinite textual universe based on a single book rather than a library is briefly mentioned. In this essay, Frances Whorrall-CampbelI takes on Letizia’s voice and writes an alternate essay ‘The Book of Babel’, imagining what the character might have said had she been afforded the same space as Borges.


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6 pages printed on recycled paper
13 cm x 20 cm x 2 mm
detachable "library card"
designed and hand bound at the press
Limited edition run of 50 only.



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