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Natural Selection: Cassava Bottle

Natural Selection: Cassava Bottle

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(Farrokh Aman and James Binning)

Cassava Bottle, 2018
green parian
12 x 6 x 6cm

“Cassava bottle is part of a series of handmade vessels that are cast from eccentric and oddly shaped fruit and vegetables, which would normally not be accepted by supermarket norms. Reproduced en masse, these oddities discarded by the food industry are re-embodied through their extensive reproduction. Instead of being discarded, these fruit and vegetable forms are celebrated, turned into plaster moulds”

Natural Selection is a partnership between James Binning, founding member of Turner Prize-winning art and architecture collective Assemble, and Farrokh Aman, architect and designer at Sergison Bates and David Chipperfield.



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