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Moss duo: Resin flower arrangement base

Moss duo: Resin flower arrangement base

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F2 Dice and F2 Line are epoxy resin bases built for flower arrangements, handmade in London by Artist Duo 'Moss'  

Designed with either 5 or 3 built-in kenzans. The holes with kenzans can hold water to keep flowers fresh or the entire base can be submerged in water using a larger container. Alternatively the bases can be used to display dry flowers. 

Product details 

F2 Dice is a square measuring 20x20x3cm

F2 Line is a rectangle measuring 20x8.5x3cm

Resin, Frosted Finish 


About the Artists 

Madeleine Duflot and Lewis Baxter formed Moss in 2022 in London, where they live and work. With backgrounds in both design and art, their common vision merges the two disciplines.

Moss aims to create playful spatial interventions, from the little objects to the large. With materials, colours and technical experimentation playing a significant role, the work that emerges retains a candid and intuitive aspect, sometimes produced at a small scale, sometimes staying in the speculative sphere. 

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