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Pixie Tan: The Precariat

Pixie Tan: The Precariat

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The Precariat Self-Help Handbook by Pixie Tan

14 x 20 x 0.5cm


A compilation of research and resources for precariats to rethink the existing hierarchies of creative labour and the value of work. With critical writing, visual essays and transcripts from self-organised discussions with artists, educators and students, the publication performs both as a tool of documentation and a call to action.

Co-Created by Pixie Tan and Nicole Jesse
Art Directed by Pixie Tan

The handbook includes writing and resources from Alec Dudson (Intern Magazine) Dr. Cathy Gale (Kingston University, Alternative Art School), Nicole Jesse, Natalie Davidson, Paul Bailey (London College of Communications, Jan Van Eyck Academie), Precarious Workers Brigade, Rosalie Schweiker, Robert Sollis (Europa), Toni Hollowood

Made with special thanks to Chris Ratcliff from Garudio Studiage.


Pixie Tan is a multidisciplinary art director and educator from Singapore. Between movement and placement, her body of work spans across moving images, graphic design, set design and fashion. The breadth of her work encourages her to take a collaborative approach towards a practice centred on the conditions of labour. Drawn to the human body and its gestures — the embodied possibilities of expression — in her work, she is interested in evoking an bodily presence that is greater than the sum of its parts.


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