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Francesca Anfossi: Recipes for a Book

Francesca Anfossi: Recipes for a Book

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The collaged images of this book, created by participants of a project led by Francesca Anfossi as part of the Whitechapel Gallery’s education programme, illustrate a process and celebrate a creative exploration.

The project invited a group of parents, whose children attend Redlands Primary School to consider their own creativity through a series of workshops. The process opened up conversations about the role of creativity and the value of the visual arts in education. Participants engaged in material experimentation using clay and cooking to explore themes of cultural identity, creative expression and community.

Commissioned by Whitechapel Gallery
Project by Francesca Anfossi and children and parents of Redlands Primary School.
Produced by Whitechapel Gallery
Printed by Hato Press
Designed by Marta Fernandez
Supported by Arts Council England and Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service

Francesca Anfossi (b. 1980) is an artist, educator and co-founder/art director of Rochester Square since 2015. She lives and works in London. Francesca Anfossi’s interdisciplinary practice takes the tradition of crafts as a starting point to make and collaborate, using ceramic as a core material. Inspired by the very nature of clay — a versatile, inclusive and non-hierarchal material — her various projects are conceived in direct collaboration with communities and evolve according to their needs. Her work most often takes the form of workshops, cooking classes or communal events, and offers to the participants involved opportunities to learn new skills and form new social bonds.

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Risograph book
Edition of 10, signed and numbered
A4, 20x28cm

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