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Sam Ayre: Spatulas

Sam Ayre: Spatulas

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Unique, hand-crafted utensils from salvaged, scrap and discarded wood by artist Sam Ayre.

Each piece has been finished in Osmo Top Oil and is date stamped. 

For a long life, wipe clean, dry straightaway, not suitable for dishwashers or submerging in water. 

Product Information:

Spalted Beech

Approx 20-30cm in length 


Hand wash only

About the artist 

Sam Ayre is an artist, based in rural East Sussex who creates handmade homewares using inherited tools, materials and skills passed down from his late grandad.  Each piece is made from reclaimed and salvaged wood, sourced through conversations as an act of building community. Timber is sourced from farms, barns, fields and local sawmills with raw wood sourced from neighbours’ woodland, coppiced and air dried until fit for purpose. 

Each piece is created to highlight the naturally occurring elements of the material with ‘imperfections’ highlighted rather than eliminated in the individual designs.


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