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Steph Huang: Porky Pig Candle

Steph Huang: Porky Pig Candle

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"Coming from my experiences of years of living, travelling in Europe and nostalgic childhood memories, the sculptural piece Porky Pig with Amulet is an arty witty addition to any dinner table, as much as a decorative object that protects and draws good fortune. Each clay bract is nature-inspired and hand-shaped, the Amulet can be displayed on its own or hold regular candles”

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Steph Huang 

Porky pig candle


Pigment, wax

16 x 16 x 5 cm

About the artist

Steph Huang (b.1990, Taiwan), graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2021 where she studied Sculpture. Poetically charged, her work expresses autobiographical narratives through a process of layered storytelling. Rooted in the close observation of incidental details, the relationships objects have to each other, as well as in the eccentric moments in everyday life, it attempts to examine something of the lives of modern human beings through mass produced objects. Often captured through her camera, these moments become trigger-points for new ideas given form through assemblage. In this way, Steph’s sculptural works have a lyrical quality, one where the encounter is an invitation. Recent projects/ exhibition: Residency with Art Catalyst and Platform Asia; Beuys Open Source at Belmacz; Displace at Bloc Projects

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