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Tawfik Naas: Flower, Checkpoint

Tawfik Naas: Flower, Checkpoint

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Flower, Checkpoint is a drawing featuring a lone flower, serving as a reminder that what we seek in regards to finding solutions to battle the repercussions of traumatic pasts can be found in the ecological world around us. This concept is fundamental to the artist's approach when reflecting on the past. The encircling rings around the flower symbolise its direct connection to the planetary entities that share its space.

The artists commission share generated from this sale will be directed towards supporting Palestine.

Product information:

Tawfik Naas
Flower, Checkpoint
Oil pastels on paper
29.7 x 42 cm (Artwork Dimensions)
Framed 56 x 49cm

About the Artist:

Libyan artist Tawfik Naas explores what historical trauma looks like through a post-'ecocosmic' review. With this perspective, Naas identifies changes within these reviewed histories and examines the differences to uncover potential organic solutions. He also identifies the perpetually sustained trauma found in the common linearity we use to remember the past. To address this, he seeks alternatives, often through the lens of ecological technologies and cosmic perspectives.


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