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Tender Touches: Huma Kabakci & Inês Neto dos Santos

Tender Touches: Huma Kabakci & Inês Neto dos Santos

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Switching between palette and palate, Tender Touches is a collaborative bite, bubbling between kitchen, open studio and gallery. Moving through conversations, ideas and experiments, the project touches upon ideas of care and co-creation, relational art, aesthetics and social practice.

This book chronicles and expands on physical happening of Tender Touches, widening its community to form a recipe for a vibrant, social art space of your own. So set the table. Tender Touches is a synaesthetic love letter; one that will leave you with full bellies and fizzing thoughts. 

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Authors: Inês Neto dos Santos and Huma Kabakci 

Published by Open space, London November 2020

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